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German, English and American historians claim, that in the whole history of war no weapon was surrounded by such glory and cult as the German U-Boat. As a result, it became the basis of many myths and stories which hadn't much in common with the truth. The period which passed since end of the war hasn't helped in dispelling them. Just the opposite, we are fed with stories, which have not much in common with those events.

The goal of this website is not propagation of Nazism, but only to show the truth of the German U-Bootwaffe. We hope, that thanks to it, the real history of the U-Boat war can be experienced by as many people as possible and these past, cruel events will be sufficient evidence, of how senseless is ideology based on violence against other people.


Jacek 'Jatzoo' Kwaśniewski

Guest on board:
Łukasz 'Brodołak' Błaszczak

Maciek 'SnakeDoc' Florek

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